Vision: The Polytechnic Math, Science and Technology Magnet (Poly Magnet) provides a challenging college preparatory program for ninth through twelfth-grade students who have an interest in math and science. Since the Magnet began in 1994, all Magnet students have been required to complete the A-G requirements. Students are part of a group with shared interests and objectives. They take classes including many honors and Advanced Placement classes so that they will meet requirements for admission to the California State University and University of California systems.
Mission: Students attending the Poly Magnet receive personalized attention and support. Emphasis is always placed on meeting students’ needs. Staff, teachers, and parents work together to provide this support. College preparatory counseling begins in the ninth grade and continues throughout all four years.
Philosophy: Our educational philosophy is that students achieve when they are nurtured and supported in a safe and positive learning environment where they receive personalized attention and support.  Students benefit from the small learning community experience provided by the Magnet program. Students achieve best when expectations are high and students take ownership of their learning. Students should have access to rigorous honors, Advanced Placement, and college-level courses. Proficiency in mathematics and science is supported when instruction is standards-based and connections and relevancy are made throughout the curriculum.