What Alumni Say About The Magnet

“The passion Magnet teachers have for teaching is seen in every lesson.” – R.R. Class of 2018


“Being in a small community filled with loving teachers, passionate counselors, and friendly peers, the Magnet is a place of success waiting to happen.” – D.A. Class of 2018


“Magnet is definitely hard, but it does prepare you for your future.” – M.F. Class of 2018


“Overall the classroom settings were great. The teachers were very rigorous and always pushed the students to do their best. My counselor was always available when I needed help. I felt welcomed and accepted for who I am.” – E.C. Class of 2018


“The Magnet has offered rigorous courses to further my knowledge and fascination in STEM.” – A.B. Class of 2018


“Overall my Magnet experience was pretty good. The counselors are the best! The classes are challenging but you definitely learn.” – I.A. Class of 2018


“I liked how we had the same teachers and classmates the 4 years, so we got to know each other more. I also liked our counselor and coordinator because they cared about our success.” – G.C. Class of 2018


“Teachers are knowledgeable about the subjects they teach. Counselors are helpful throughout high school and helped me know more about college and made the college application process less intimidating.” – D.C. Class of 2018


“The magnet program is the best thing I’ve gone through. The classes and motivation is what this program got right as well as the dedicated teachers.” – F.G. Class of 2018


“The Magnet pushed me to be my best. The Magnet gave me so many opportunities, such as AP classes, amazing teachers, and counselors to push me to succeed. The Magnet made me feel like I was a part of a family,” – S.O. Class of 2018


“I got a lot of helpful tips from the Magnet about taking classes. Teachers are the best, taught me all important things. Classes are harder but more fun and especially I got to know the experience about how college feels.” – C.P. Class of 2018


“The Magnet did an excellent job in challenging students in any class. It helps students get on the right track with the availability of our counselors. Another great thing is the individual student help we are offered in classes as well as out of classes.” – M.P. Class of 2018