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Students attending the Polytechnic Magnet receive personalized attention and support. They are part of a select group of students with shared interests and objectives. Students may participate in all activities available to other students at Poly: clubs, athletic teams, drill team, cheer, dance, student government, and many other extracurricular activities.

The Poly Magnet has excellent teachers who are highly qualified and dedicated to the success of our students! The faculty includes teachers with advanced degrees and National Board Certification. See more about our teachers by opening the link to Magnet Staff and visiting their web pages.

Students who attend the Magnet have the opportunity to take many Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) Courses. Available courses include:
Honors English 9 AP Calculus AB
Honors Humanities AP Calculus BC
Honors English 10 AP Statistics
Honors Writers Seminar AP Biology
Honors American Literature AP Chemistry
Honors Contemporary Composition AP Physics 1
Honors World Literature AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism
Honors Advanced Composition AP Physics C: Mechanics
Honors CC Geometry AP Computer Science
Honors CC Algebra Two AP European History
Honors Precalculus AP US History
Honors World History AP Comparative Government
Honors US History AP Psychology
Honors Principles of American Democracy AP Environmental Science
Honors Economics AP Spanish Language
Honors Research Lab AP English Language
Honors Biology AP English Literature
Honors Chemistry  
Honors Physics  
Honors Physiology  


9th Grade - Freshmen Year
  • AP Physics 1, Interactions (Intro to Physics)
  • CC Algebra 1, Honors CC Geometry, Honors CC Algebra 2
  • Honors English 9 and Honors Humanities
  • Health
  • Adv PE 1
10th Grade - Sophomore Year
  • AP Biology, Honors Biology
  • CC Geometry, Honors CC Algebra 2, Honors Precalculus
  • Honors English 10 and Honors Writers Seminar
  • AP European History, Honors World History
  • Adv PE 2
11th Grade - Junior Year
  • AP Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, AP Environmental Science
  • CC Algebra 2, Honors Precalculus, AP Calculus AB/BC
  • AP English Language, Honors American Literature/Honors Contemporary Composition
  • AP US History or Honors US History
12th Grade - Senior Year
  • AP Physics C: Mechanics, AP Physics C: E&M, Honors Physics, Honors Physiology
  • Precalculus, AP Calculus AB/BC, AP Statistics
  • AP English Literature or ERWC
  • Honors Government, Honors Economics
Non-Grade Specific Courses
  • Language Other Than English
    • American Sign Language 1, American Sign Language 2
    • Spanish 1, Spanish 2
    • Spanish for Spanish Speakers 1, Spanish for Spanish Speakers 2, AP Spanish Language
  • AP Computer Science Principles
  • AP Psychology
  • Visual and Performing Arts Electives (Intro Theater, Dance, Digital Imaging, Film Production, Instruments, Band, Graphic Design)
  • Career Technical Education (CTE) Electives (Culinary Arts, Landscaping, Floriculture, Wood-shop, Exploring Computer Science, Networking, Computer Programming)
2019 SBA Results
(No test was given in 2020)

SBA Mathematics

Poly Magnet ~ 73% Met or Exceeded Standard

LAUSD ~ 26% Met or Exceeded Standard

Math SBA 2019

SBA English Language Arts

Poly Magnet ~ 87% Met or Exceeded Standard

LAUSD ~ 52% Met or Exceeded Standard

ELA SBA 2019


2018 PSAT Results taken in October 2018

9th Grade

9th PSAT


10th Grade

10th PSAT 2018


11th Grade

11th PSAT 2018


PSAT Awards and Commendations 

  • 1 Semi-Final for the 2020 National Merit Scholarship Program
  • 1 Student Commended in the 2020 National Merit Scholarship Program 
  • 2 students Recognized as Top 2.5% of Hispanic and Latino PSAT Test Takers