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About the Tenth-Grade Center

Vision:Poly Tenth Grade Center LogoThe Tenth Grade Center is a specialized one-year program designed to give every tenth grade student the tools they need to be successful in high school, college, and the workplace, and continuing exposure to the foundational skills introduced in the Freshmen Center.

• On-time eleventh grade matriculation
• Completion of 10th Grade A-G requirements
• Involvement of all students in at least one extra-curricular activity
• Partner with parents to support student achievement of academic and extracurricular mission

In Poly High School's Tenth Grade Center, students will build on the foundational skills they acquired in the Freshmen Center. The curriculum includes a full year of English and math (stressing literacy, writing and numeracy), biology, physical education, world history, and elective(s). Students will develop strong academic backgrounds that enable them to complete grades 11 and 12 successfully. Good work habits and study skills will be emphasized, and students will be provided a variety of interventions during the day and outside of regular school hours.
Contact Us:
JHF Polytechnic High School Tenth-Grade Center
12431 Roscoe Blvd., Sun Valley, CA 91352
Phone: (818) 394-3600
Fax: (818) 771-0452