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Welcome to Poly!

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On behalf of the staff at Polytechnic High School, I warmly welcome you to the 2020-2021 school year! We are excited that you will be part of our community this year. Whether learning remotely or in-person, we continue to strive for the best for every Poly student.


    As a Poly alumnus, I am privileged and honored to serve as your Principal. At Poly we are committed to providing an environment where our students engage in meaningful learning. We expect students to challenge themselves and seek new and unique learning experiences to become college and career ready.


    I invite prospective students, parents, community members and alumni to visit our school. Come learn more about our innovative practices including our 4X4 schedule, Pilot designation, and College Board curriculum which utilizes pre-AP curriculum to prepare every student to become College ready. Learn about the difference between earning a high school diploma and meeting A-G requirements. Explore our robust programs such as our School for Advanced Studies (SAS) and Math, Science, and Technology Magnet. Become familiar with our expansive course offerings and pathways including the AP Capstone Program, Graphic Design, and the Culinary Arts Program among others. Over the past three years we introduced new electives such as Video Journalism, American Sign Language and AP Computer Science Principles. We are also proud to say the school newspaper, The Poly Optimist, is back! In addition, to further round out our students experiences, there are countless extra-curricular activities such as Band, Drill, Play Production, numerous sports under Athletics and multiple clubs geared toward student interest.


    We are also committed to the socio-emotional learning and all around well-being of our students.  Poly HS is now designated an LAUSD Community School. This designation is an opportunity for Poly to transform the way we partner with families and community partners. We are committed to removing barriers to school success, providing multiple learning opportunities, engaging our families and community, as well as including all stakeholders in the decision-making process. The 2019-2020 school year also brought a Well-Being Center to Poly. This center provides education and services to students and workshops for parents on topics such as mental health, sexual health, and substance abuse prevention.


  Outside of Poly we encourage students to become involved in community and specialized programs which increase their learning, including the Google Summer Institute, Skills USA, UCLA Writing Project, UCLA Engineering Summer Research Program, and L.A. Children’s Hospital Summer Symposium. Poly students who have challenged themselves by taking advantage of the courses and activities Poly offers in addition to the outside programs available have excelled at MIT, UCLA, and other competitive universities. 


We look forward to establishing a strong partnership with parents and welcome community members, including alumni, as partners and mentors as we prepare students to go into the work-force and experience college for the first time. Together I know that we can overcome the obstacles of learning to offer each student a personalized and successful high school experience.




Elidia Vazquez

Principal & Proud Poly Parrot