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9th Grade Geography is an exploration of the physical, cultural, environmental and economic forces of geography.
In our journey together this quarter we will analyze the various physical forces that have shaped the Earth’s landscape over time. And we will evaluate how human actions have both impacted and shaped the Earth’s landscape over time.
We will also discuss the uses, abuses, and preservation of natural resources and the physical environment.
Ultimately, we will analyze past and present human activities to consider how they are linked to physical forces such as climate change and natural disasters and then evaluate actions we can take to remedy, reduce and prepare for modern day challenges.
As we study each unit we will DISCUSS, EVALUATE and RESPOND to these big questions:
-"What is Geography and how can it help to create an understanding of the world and
how it works?"
-Physical Geography and Human Geography, which one is most interesting to you?
-How do Physical Processes shape Earth's landscape?
-How are Human activities impacting and changing the Earth's landscape?
-How can we use culture and adaptations to make changes to the Earth and solve


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