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Reading Inventory (RI)


The English Learner Master Plan for English Learners and Standard English Learners outlines the reclassification requirements for English Learners:

  • Passing score in the English Language Proficiency Assessment for California (ELPAC)
  • Teacher evaluation based on student semester grades (C or better in English Language Arts or LTEL class)
  • Parent consultation and approval 
  • Basic Skills Assessment (passing score on RI)

The RI is a reading assessment that measures students’ level of reading comprehension and reports it using the Lexile Framework. The RI is designed to evaluate a student’s reading ability, monitor reading progress, and match students to books at their reading level, which helps to make reading rewarding, constructive, and enjoyable.  The RI is a computer based assessment and should last no more than 30 minutes. The results will be reported based upon the student’s grade and reading level.  A passing score of basic or above meets the reclassification criteria for the “basic skills test.”  Below are the RI score ranges:


Below Basic





BR to 729L

730L to 924L

925L to 1074L

1075L & Above


BR to 769L

770L to 969L

970L to 1124L

1125L & Above


BR to 789L

790L to 1009L

1010L to 1189L

1190L & Above


BR to 849L

850L to 1049L

1050L to 1264L

1265L & Above


BR to 889L

890L to 1079L

1080L to 1339L

1340L & Above


BR to 984L

985L to 1184L

1185L to 1389L

1390L & Above

The Los Angeles Unified School District will be administering the RI to English Learners in order to meet the “basic skills test” criteria for reclassification in grades 6-12. RI will be administered twice this school year.