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      The Vision: The Freshman Center is a specialized one year program designed to give every ninth grade student the tools they need to be successful in high school, college, and the workplace.
Our Mission: Major objectives are on-time tenth grade matriculation, on-time high school graduation, successful foundation in essential academic skills, completion of A-G requirements and preparation for college, and successful transition to high school with social, emotional, and academic support as needed.
Our Philosophy: All entering ninth graders (except Magnet students) are automatically enrolled in the Freshman Center in a concerted, collaborative effort to help them acquire the necessary foundation skills to allow them to succeed in high school and beyond.
The Curriculum: includes a full year of English and math (stressing literacy and numeracy), science, physical education, geography, college preparation, health and life skills. At the Freshman Center the expectation is held that all students will pass all their classes and matriculate on to the tenth grade in one year’s time. Studies show that a student who progresses with his peers to tenth grade with the proper amount of credits in one year is 85% more likely to graduate on time. Good work habits and study skills are emphasized, and a variety of Beyond the Bell intervention options, both after school and during intersession are offered.
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Dear Poly High School Family,


9th grade academy team welcomes you to a fantastic school year, full of Poly Pride! Our Team comprises of two Counselor’s Ms. Wanda Bello (A-L) and Mr. Gilberto Collins (M-Z).  Each Counselor is assigned to students by their last name by alphabet. We have  a 9th  grade Coordinator: Ms. Marixa Pleitez, Dean of Students: Mr. Singh and our Assistant Principal  Mr. Jeppson. Collectively, our staff works diligently with the students.  Our goal is to provide a personalized counseling and guidance experience to each student on campus to foster socio-emotional support and promote college and career readiness with the goal of maximizing student potential. We hope that we can have the parent support in guiding your students to graduation and College along with helping us keep and open communication regarding concerns and issues that might arise.


Your child will need to pass all courses each year and earn a specific number of credits to promote or advance to the next grade level in high school: For a student to Promote to 10th grade, they need to earn 50 credits by the end of 9th grade.  Your child will need 210 credits in specific courses to graduate along with meeting non-course requirements which include identifying a career pathway and completing a service-learning project.  Each student is given an (IGP) Individual graduation plan from 9th through 12th grade. this plan is reviewed with the student twice a year to make sure they understand where they are in graduating. The following is the required classes all students need to complete to be able to graduate from high school.

History: 3 Years

English:  4 years

Mathematics:  3+ Years

Science:  2+ Years

Language other than English:  2 Years

Visual Performing Arts: 1 Year

College Elective Prep: 1 year

Physical Education: 2 years

Health: 1 Quarter

Service-Learning Project: Completed by the end of senior year.


These are the bare minimum requirements to graduate High School. Any additional course your student takes in any area will give them an advantage to be accepted to a 4-year University. We will be reviewing your child’s IGP in Fall and spring with them.


If you would like to contact us the best way to reach us is by email Ms. Bello (A-L) at [email protected]   or Mr. Collins  (M-Z) at [email protected] . Thank you for taking the time to read this important letter.


Sincerely your Counseling team.

Ms. Bello and Mr. Collins