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In 2019, LAUSD chose Polytechnic High School as one of 17 LAUSD schools to receive the distinction as a community school. As proud as we are to have received this distinction, it simply confirmed what we have always known about our school. Our staff is deeply committed to not just the academic well-being of our students, but we are equally passionate about ensuring our students and their families are emotionally, mentally, and physically well. Our commitment to these values is demonstrated in the multiple programs and resources we have available to our school community, but more importantly, it is exemplified through our compassionate and hard-working staff who work tirelessly to put students and their families first. Now as an official community school, we can not only maintain but expand our vision to take better care of our community, and we hope the people, programs, and resources we continue offering support your efforts to be well and belong. Welcome home, Parrots, to your community school! 
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