School Site Council Home Page

Polytechnic School Site Council,
Welcomes all council members and non-council members to our official web page. We wish to thank all site council members, staff, parents, and students for their hard work on a daily basis. 
School Site Council Members:
Principal: Elidia Vazquez
Title Coordinator: Yesenia Pleitez
Bilingual Coordinator: Marixa Pleitez
Bridge Coordinator: Levon Yeganyan
Elected Staff:
  • James Hicks (Chairperson)
  • Carlos Aguirre
Elected Classroom Teachers:
  • Andy Flores
  • Javier Rios (Vice-Chairperson)
  • David Valle
  • Angelique Barton
  • Levon Yeganyan
Elected Parents/Legal Guardians:
  • Norma Chavez (Secretary)
  • Maria Alicia Ramirez
  • Efijenea Tadeo
  • Maria Romero
Elected Students:
  • Adriana Rodarte
  • Juan Macias (Parliamentarian)
  • Oscar Quitana
  • Julie Ceja
Notable Council Attendees:
  • Julia Keiper