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Polytechnic High School Expected Schoolwide Learning Results (ESLRs)


All Poly students are expected to be:

1. Critical Thinkers who:

a. Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others. (adapted from Math Practice Standards)

b. Use knowledge and experience to identify patterns and make connections to new situations. (adapted from SpringBoard Math Strategies)

c. Draw upon curiosity, ideas, and imagination to use complex approaches to explore complex issues. (adapted from AP Capstone learning objectives)

2. Conscientious Members of Society who:

a. Follow Poly’s 4 For Life to Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe, and Be on Time.

b. Demonstrate knowledge of social, political, and economic issues at the local, national and global level.

c. Engage in community service, clubs, or activities that enrich the school or community.

d. Collaborate with diverse partners to determine solutions to complex problems. (modified from CCSS.Literacy.CCRA.SL.1)

3. Effective Communicators who:


a. Identify and adapt appropriate speech and writing for a variety of contexts and tasks demonstrating a command of formal English. (modified from CCSS.Literacy.SL.11-12.6)

b. Generate arguments to support claims from complex texts using valid reasoning and relevant and sufficient evidence. (modified from CCSS. Literacy.CCRA.W.1)

c. Make strategic use of digital media and visual displays of data to express information and enhance audience understanding. (modified from CCSS.Literacy.CCRA.SL.5)

4. Lifelong Learners who:


a. Persevere in problem solving.

b. Are able to change perspectives, generate alternatives, and consider options. (modified from Habits of

c. Set high standards and engage in continuous improvement. (modified from Habit of

d. Access and apply knowledge.

(modified from Habits of (This document was inspired by teacher input, CCSS, 21st Century Skills, SpringBoard/College Board, Habits of Mind, Poly’s Four for Life, and Math Practice Standards.)