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Costume Guidelines

· Students may wear costumes to school. The single largest criteria is that costumes may not be demeaning to any person or group based on ethnicity, race, religion, nationality, disability, gender, gender identity (boys as girls and vice versa),
or individual (staff or student) at the school.
· Costume may not cause a significant or distraction to the school program; i.e., no revealing costumes (low cut, French maids, nightwear, bathing suites, etc.)
· No costumes may include props or equipment that is unsafe
· No weapons, or even replica weapons, are to be brought to school.
· No costumes are allowed that would impair a student’s vision or movement (ability to climb stairs)
· Masks may be worn during a parade or other specific activity, as determined by the administrator.
· All provisions regarding obscene materials or prohibited substances remain in effect.
· You may also suggest to parents that they should be mindful and inspect treats given to their children prior to consumption.
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