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Write Code, Crush Foes, Get Hired - $40K Multiplayer Programming Tournament

Ho, Wizard! Do you enjoy commanding minions from atop piles of gold? Do you want to win up to $2000 in prizes, get a new job at a tech company, or have your defeated foes bow before you? Then play Greed, CodeCombat’s new multiplayer programming arena level.

Today begins a three-week programming tournament with $40,000 in total prize value. You play as humans or ogres, write code to command your peasants or peons to gather gold and build armies, and watch your code battle its way up the leaderboards.

The Prizes
The top human and top ogre players will each receive cash prizes, unique CodeCombat art, and a bonus of some of the same awesome products and services that power CodeCombat:

$512 cash
Custom CodeCombat Wizard (est. $500 value)
Custom CodeCombat avatar (est. $150 value)
Firebase credits ($300 value)
Heap Analytics for six months ($354 value)
One Month Rails for… one month ($99 value)
Webstorm license ($49 value)
Amazon Web Services credits ($50 value)
Any O’Reilly ebook (est. $40 value)
The full prize list extends to the top 100 players on each team after removing duplicates when we take a snapshot of submitted code for final verification on Tuesday, June 10, at 5PM PDT (midnight UTC). See the tournament rules here.
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