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Reconnecting with Poly alumni

Sender Karen Lee
Posted On 2015-05-31
Year 1967
Memoir I graduated February 1967 as a member of the Ariston class. We had many outstanding students and I have remained friends with a couple. Amy (Cohen) Berns and Joy (Rassmussen) McGrath. My most vivid memories were Mr. Taylor being so friendly and leading cheers in his school sweater at the football games. I participated in many activities in order to spend as much time as possible out of class. It was fun to appear with our Knowledge Bowl team on Scholar Quiz, a program produced by Arnold Shapiro of Big Brother fame. Eventually I lost on Jeopardy! September of 1974. Every Friday I stayed late until the Optimist was print ready. I enjoyed reporting on track and gymnastic meets (Dar Robinson anyone). I would love to connect with Irene Nitta, Janice Kimura or Charlene Shiseido. They gave me an appreciation of Asian culture and fostered a love for Japan. Ron Rifkin was so much fun and an accomplished artist. Steve Krivit led a TP party at my house. Anywho if you attended Poly in the late 60's would love to hear from you at
I am a retired comedy writer working on my autobiography "From Corporate Wife to Cat Concierge" how my rescue cat rescued me when I was homeless.

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