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Memoirs » Time has flown by

Time has flown by

Sender Brian Smith
Posted On 2014-05-27
Year 1969
Memoir Just turned 63 a few days ago. Egads! For whatever reason, I started thinking back to going to Richard E Byrd Jr High then 3 years at Poly. I read about promising MLB pitcher Bruce Heinbeckner who at 23 passed so very young. QB Kip "Roll Out" Downing. Bill Kramer, our Mr Football. Mr Post who taught history. Mr Weinstein who inspired me to conquer Geometry (no mean feat). Playing doubles tennis like a madman. My running posse of Gary Ogimachi, Leonard Beaver and Dave Skoss. The summer smog so thick that we could barely see the Cross Country team running the berms around the garbage dump from the football practice field.

So many memories, some dimmed by time. Polytechnic was an awesome school to attend and graduate from!

I wish I could find a Yearbook for 1969; I was too shortsighted to order one.

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