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Peer Mediation


When: After School

Where: Room 26

Sponsor: Sullivan

What is a peer mediation program in a nutshell?   

1.Peer mediation is both a program to assist a community in non-violent conflict resolution and a way for students to build community through effective communication.  

What does a Peer Mediator do?   

Teams of students arrange a neutral meeting with other students who are having relationship problems or who are fighting between or among themMediators learn to use tools to open up communication between parties in conflict either directly or sometimes through a process that helps them solve their own problems. one-to-one in a talk with one party and one mediator  Mediators do not offer advice or make decisions for those involved but they do learn tools to stay neutral and to think how to help others meet their needs. Student mediators learn new communication skills, needs identification and conflict resolution skills. Sometimes the issues are worked out in one session but it can takes more time.  Some tools peer mediators use are skills in communication such as active listening, asking questions and dealing with strong emotions to assist parties in finding common areas and agreements.  Additionally, peer mediators learn how to deal with their own emotions through the process and maintain a neutral point of view. Most students feel that the emotional growth and resiliency they gain from helping others makes a big impact on their own relationships for the better. 

Why Peer Mediation at Poly? Peer Mediation programs demonstrate consistent reduction in suspensions, disciplinary actions and in the data the numbers support that students find long term solutions to interpersonal conflict using mediation. The lessons learned for peer mediators in responsibility and  self-reliance, remain with them for a lifetime.