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Positive Education

In alignment with positive psychology research, Poly High School is committed to providing whole-student positive learning.  This means in addition to traditional measures of success such as academic rigor, critical thinking, literacy, and math proficiency we also highly value the emotional well-being of our students. We understand that in order for students to flourish and perform at their optimal levels they must experience positive emotion, engagement, positive relationships, meaning, and accomplishment.  Research shows that positive mood broadens student attention, increases creative and holistic thinking, and enhances student learning.
Below are a list of positive education resources and links available to teachers, counselors, and parents that can be adapted for use with your students. 
"We believe business as usual is not business as usual. It must include a heartfelt focus on each other and our community. How do we model to our students a better world, a better way of communicating, and participating in constructive and civil dialogue?  We must acknowledge the dissonance, listen to the pain, and help figure out what it means to TAKE ACTION - in a deeply engaged manner." ~Region V, NASPA