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CAASPP Smarter Balanced Assessments

Each year, California students take several statewide tests as a part of the California Assessments of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP). These tests provide parents/guardians, teachers, and educators with information about how well students are learning and becoming college and career ready in English, mathematics, and science. During the month of May, students in the 11th grade will have the opportunity to earn their "College Ready" status by participating in the CAASPP Smarter Balanced Assessments.

Students will attend 2 virtual test sessions: Math and in English Language Arts.

SBA Infographic
Each subject consists of two tasks - a performance task where they will be asked to read information and produce a written summary or essay and a 'computer adaptive task.'  The computer adaptive task consists of 18-25 questions in which the testing system adapts to the responses of each student thereby creating a personalized assessment.
Scores from these assessments can be used to determine whether a student is deemed 'college ready' in concordance with the California's Department of Education's College and Career Readiness guidelines.
Scores from these assessments will be available via the LAUSD Parent Portal in mid July.
For more information please see the CAASPP Parent/Guardian page: